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"before there was a coffee shop, where did people go?"

January 7th, 2020

I woke up at 11.30 this morning, feeling a bit pressured because I got fuckloads of final assignments but didn't feel like doing it; instead, here I am writing some dumb things. My morning routine is usually just the same every day; I wake up and then go downstairs to have a morning smoke with my mom if she's at home. My aunt (NOT my biological aunt, she's a friend of my mom) usually comes at around 11 am and will always come to my house if my mom's at home (she's not really that bad or evil, she's just a cunt)

After a mandatory morning smoke with the family, there are two possibilities of how my days will go. The first one is staying at home doing nothing, being literal human trash, and the second one is I take a bath then do nothing and be a human trash at a coffee shop. If I choose to go outside, there normally are two reasons why I'm doing it. The first one is I have someone to go out with me (i don't like going out alone), the second one is my aunt is being an annoying cunt rather than just being a regular cunt.

It got me thinking because most of my functioning life was spent either at home or a coffee shop, where did people go before there was a coffee shop?

My functioning life was started when I was in high school (my pre-high school life was just me being a hikikomori antisocial fat kid, I never go out and I don't have friends) I called it a functional life because that time I was finally able to make friends and do many social activities, including but not limited to: start smoking cigarettes and drink alcohol. I still remember that every time school is over, my broke self will go to this warung with my friend and then we smoke and drink cheap instant coffee for hours. If we had extra cash, we would go to this pretentious edgy coffee place in Jl. Anggrek or Jl. Progo rather than the usual warkop.

Why coffee shops? There is one conclusion I had in my mind right now. It could be because I lived in Bandung, where there are SHITLOADS of coffee shops. (We have more coffee shops than alfa/indomaret in here). They said Bandung is a creative city yet they can’t come up with better business ideas other than opening a coffee shop :/

That’s all for today post imma buy some art supplies and probably start doing my final assignment if i wanted to. Catch y'all later.

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